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Kentucky Dragon Boat Festival

2018 Kentucky Dragon Boat Festival…
Paddling For The Pink
September 8, 2018


#7A007A Raised $13,530 towards the $50,000 target.

You have helped us raise $13,530 towards our $50,000 target for the 2018 Kentucky Dragon Boat Festival! Thank you for your support.

NOTE: The State of Kentucky requires the Kentucky Dragon Boat Festival to add 6% Sales Tax to the registration fee which started July 1st, 2018.

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Registration for this year’s festival will be capped at a maximum of 36 teams with up to 6 teams being Breast Cancer Survivor teams. To qualify as a BCS team, you must have at least 14 BCS team members with up to 4 support team members to fill out your team.

Teams will be limited to 18 paddlers per race this year. A minimum of 10 team members must attend an on-water practice before the festival in order for the team to compete. This is for the safety of all participants.

Forming a dragon boat team is easy! Included in your team registration is a practice session where we will show you how to paddle and race. Practice sessions and race day include all of the necessary equipment such as a boat, paddles, lifevests, a drum and a steersperson/coach. Find yourself 18 co-workers, friends and/or family member to join you at this exciting event!

…for the 2017 Kentucky Dragon Boat Festival,
Paddling for the Pink Results!!!
…for the 2016 Kentucky Dragon Boat Festival,
Paddling for the Pink Results!!!
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