PO Box 76213, Highland Hts., KY 41076 info@p4ca.org

The Kentucky Thorough-Breasts

KTB Logo Vector Art 2-2016 ShanghiThe Kentucky Thorough-Breasts are an affiliate of Paddling for Cancer Awareness, Inc. a 501c3 organization of Breast Cancer Survivors committed to Breast Cancer Awareness, The team was formed in 2008 and includes breast cancer survivors and supporters. Visit their website for more information.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to promote breast health, women’s health and breast cancer and other cancer awareness through promotion of early detection; educational information both pre-cancer and post-cancer; and supporting camaraderie amongst survivors and supporters.

The Kentucky Thorough-Breasts Dragon Boat Racing Team’s vision is committed to breast cancer awareness through participation in Dragon Boat Racing and attendance at public events until a cure is found.

Guiding Principals

  1. To serve as ambassadors by representing women in the promotion of health and participation in the sport of Dragon Boat racing.
  2. Present Kentucky Thorough-Breasts, Inc. as a professional Dragon Boat Racing team.
  3. Meet or exceed expectations of sponsor organizations.
  4. Make the Pink Dragon Boat available for public events and races as often as team member and financial participation allows.

The KTB Team

Our team is amazing. We have very strong women on our team, both mentally and physically. Some of our team members paddle with us even while going through Chemo treatments. They are an inspiration to us all. Others support us and are there for us when we are having a bad day. We all are there for each other with prayer and support for everyone. This is not your typical support group! Our team consists of survivors from 4 months to 17 years out. If added all together we total over 130 years of surviving and thriving! When one has a question someone is there with an answer.

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