Registration Ends August 31, 2019

Registration Ends August 31, 2019

The Kentucky Dragon Boat Festival

Are you still on the bubble? Waiting to register? Registration for The Kentucky Dragon Boat Festival…Paddling For The Pink, Celebrating 10 Years ends on August 31, 2019 @ 11:59pm.

Cannot register a team, consider coming as an individual and the festival will get you with a team for the day.

Donations are also greatly appreciated and you can designate your donation for a particular team to help them in their fundraising efforts. Check out the teams and donate to your favorite…maybe it is a team you know or you just like the name (after all it is a race!)

Come out on September 7th and watch the races and cheer on your favorites.

As part of Celebrating 10 Years there will be a number of breast cancer survivor dragon boat teams from around the country coming to share in the festivities and to show their support for Paddling For Cancer Awareness. Don’t worry, they will be competing in their own division!

Paddles Up!…We Have Alignment…Attention Please…Horn (Race)!